Asha Bal Bikas Sewa (ABBS)

According to the latest census out of the total 26.4 million people 1.94 per cent lives with disabilities in Nepal. There can be more cases if there are more care services available in the country. The level of attention given to disability care is far from being satisfactory .There are still many areas where false belief, superstitions, ignorance and poverty play dominant roles in the lives of the people with disabilities, especially in remote areas.

Asha Bal Bikas Sewa (ABBS) serves about hundred children with disabilities through its day care centers at three different places Jorpati, Karya Binayak Kathmandu and Baratpur Chitwan in Nepal. These centers help the children by teaching them daily living activities and try to develop them physically and mentally through different therapies. The focus of the project is to help children with physical and learning disabilities to develop learning skills that will make them independent and self-sufficient to integrate with the community.

Adult Program for children above 16

The project aims to take initiative in creating opportunities for the young adult with disabilities who are denied from being useful member of the society due to the prevailing situation in the country. The project aims to instill skills, knowledge and the confidence in them in order to take active participation in the community activities. The vocational training will enable them to earn income, have jobs, work among other people in market areas and increase control over their lives to become more independent and self-supported. The project also aims to train these young adults to be helpful in their families by learning household works.