Public Health Program (PHP)

The Public Health Program (PHP) aims to empower communities by conducting trainings and raising awareness on health by reaching out to schools and especially to women who can influence society.

We are pleased to announce that HDCS now has a Public Health Program (PHP). As the newest project at HDCS the PHP was launched in 2012 but it has been able to accomplish much in the short time it has been active. The purpose of the PHP is to reach out to individuals and groups who have the capacity to bring about positive changes in communities.

While our hospitals have been monumental in changing habits and altering the perception people have of hospitals and health, the PHP take on a more preventative approach to compliment the curative services at our hospitals.

The PHP works with schools, local community leaders, and especially targets women through mother groups to educate them on health, hygiene, and sanitation. The PHP conducts trainings and workshops to empower communities instead of building dependency in the hope that the people who attend will be able to pass on the knowledge to other members of the community.