A young girl's dream

Naomi Gautam comes from a poor dalit (untouchable) family background. She is a Christian who is also hardworking, gentle and a gifted child.

Naomi is the elder of the two children. Her younger sister is studying in class 3. Her father is uneducated and unskilled, does not have any steady job and has no earning. Her mother earns to support the family by cleaning houses. They live in a single room rented house

Naomi Gautam was admitted to St.Capitanio School (EQUIP’s partner school in Palpa) in the Nursery class at the age of 3. All through the years of her schooling she had received scholarship. For the last 3 years, KISC EQUIP provided her scholarship to finish her high school as well as the cost for her to stay in the hostel so that so that she could get the proper atmosphere for her studies. Because of this help she could pass her grade 10 with a good first division.